Is Your Car AC Not as Cold

Is Your Car AC Not as Cold? Learn How to Fix it Today!

Have you ever had the experience of your car ac blowing warm air and not effectively cooling the car’s compartment? As a car owner, you must have questioned your mechanic why the car AC is not blowing cold air or why my car ac is not cooling. Is everything alright with my car’s air conditioning system, or will I have to pay a lot of money to fix it? 

In this post, we will look into this subject and try to answer why your car AC is blowing warm air or not providing an adequate cooling effect. 

Let’s get right into the article and learn about the conditions in which your car’s air conditioner may blow hot air from the blowers and how to fix it. We will also provide you with some suggestions on how to maintain your car in good condition.

Why is car ac not as cold?

Why is car ac not as cold

When your car ac is blowing warm air, there could be various reasons why the car ac is not as cold. A few of them could be:

Low refrigerant levels:

Freon is the refrigerant used in cars or other air conditing systems. Heat exchange is impossible without freon. When your air conditioner’s refrigerant levels drop, it loses its capacity to transport heat from within your car compartment to outside. This implies that the air blasted over your AC coils will no longer effectively cool, causing your car ac blowing lukewarm air. 

Blocked or broken compressors

A broken compressor will cause your car to blow warm, lukewarm, or no air. A broken or loose serpentine belt is a typical compressor problem, as is a damaged compressor clutch.

Clogged filters

A blocked air filter might result in lower airflow, unusual odors from the vents, and problems with the heating and cooling system. When you switch on the air conditioner, a blocked filter might cause it to emit unpleasant odors and car ac blow but not cold.

Radiator issues

Poor car cooling might occur if the radiator cooling fans are not working while the AC is turned on. Furthermore, a blockage in the radiator caused by paper, leaves, dust, debris, or bent cooling fins can boost the temperature and pressure of the refrigerant, resulting in inadequate cooling.

Cooling fan problems

Faulty cooling fans may also cause your car’s air conditioner to stop blowing cold air. If the fans fail to function correctly, the condenser may not get adequate cooling, causing the vehicle to generate only hot air over time. 

Scenarios When Car AC May Blow Hot Air

Experiencing a lack of cool air from your car’s air conditioner can be incredibly frustrating. Let’s explore several situations that could potentially cause your car’s air conditioner to blow hot air.

My car AC is blowing hot air after recharge

There are various reasons why your car air conditioner is spewing hot air after being recharged. Low refrigerant levels are the most typical reason. If there is insufficient refrigerant, the system will be unable to cool the air and will instead blow hot air. Other potential causes include a faulty condenser, compressor, electrical system, compression clutch, or blocked air filter.

Car blowing hot air through vents when AC is off

There are various reasons why car ac is blowing warm air via the vents when the air conditioner is turned off. A refrigerant leak might be one of the causes. Another reason might be a faulty condenser or compressor.

Hot air from a car AC vent while driving can also be produced by outside hot air being forced into the car’s cabin owing to motion. When the air recirculation mode is turned off or switched to fresh air mode, air continues to flow from outside the car’s interior.

The car only blows hot air when driving

There might be several reasons your car only blows hot air when driving. If you’re experiencing inconsistency in the cabin’s heat, it might be due to coolant troubles. You may have low coolant if your car only emits heat when driving. 

Coolant controls the engine’s temperature and hot air flow into the cabin. When your engine is running, it generates a lot of heat, which coolant helps to collect by transferring it to your vehicle’s radiator for cooling. If your coolant is low and your heater is turned on, you may discover that the heater only works when driving.

How to Fix car ac blowing warm air but not cold

If you suspect your car ac is not as cold and my car ac is not blowing cold air. You can call an experienced vehicle repair shop for AC system repair. You may also try to solve the problem on your own by following these steps:

  1. Start the car and turn on the air conditioner. Start the car with the key and put the air conditioner to high. Feel the air coming out of the air conditioner and determine if it is warm, chilly, or frigid.
  2. Check to see whether the A/C compressor is on. You must confirm that the air conditioner compressor is operational to decide the best course of action for making repairs if necessary.
  3. Examine the air conditioning system for leaks. Leak detection kits may be purchased to assist you in identifying any leaks in your air conditioning system.

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How to Maintain Car ac for Cold Air for extended periods?

car ac blows hot air

To avoid a situation in which your car ac won’t blow cold air or car ac stops blowing cold air, it is best to prevent and maintain your car air conditioning system. Here are some methods for keeping your car’s air conditioner running for long periods of time:

  1. Consult the owner’s handbook or manual. Maintaining a car air conditioner necessitates knowledge of your vehicle’s characteristics.
  2. Remove the air filter and clean it. A filthy air filter restricts the airway, reducing the effectiveness of the car air conditioner.
  3. Remove any moisture.
  4. Keep the coolant pressure constant.
  5. Avoid leakage.
  6. Keep the evaporator coils clean.
  7. Keep the condenser fins in place.
  8. Inspect your air conditioner.

You may also use your car’s air conditioning daily for around 10-15 minutes per week, even if it’s not necessary to maintain the vents and other vents working properly. 

Furthermore, servicing your AC system regularly, such as checking the refrigerant levels, cleaning the air filter, and keeping the condenser clean, helps keep your AC system in excellent shape and maximizes its cooling ability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if my car AC is blowing warm air?

The most common reason your car AC blows warm air is a low quantity of refrigerant. A malfunctioning condenser, compressor, cooling fans, or electrical system, moisture in the system, a jammed blend-air door, a filthy filter, or a faulty expansion valve are all possible culprits. To resolve the issue, call a reputable vehicle repair shop for AC system repair. You may also diagnose the problem by inspecting the A/C compressor and the air conditioning system for leaks.

Why is my car AC blowing weak cold air?

There might be various reasons why your car’s air conditioner is blowing feeble cold air. One of the most prevalent causes is a low refrigerant level, which can occur naturally or as a result of a leak. A condenser obstruction is another typical reason, which can be caused by debris, grime, or damage. A damaged compressor, a clogged filter, a radiator problem, a cooling fan problem, or a slipping compressor clutch are all possible reasons. Depending on the cause, the AC system may need to be recharged, repaired, cleaned, or replaced.

How do you know if your car’s AC is low on freon?

There are various indicators that your car’s air conditioner is running short on freon. One of the most typical symptoms is that the air conditioner blows warm or room temperature rather than frigid air. Another indicator is that the air conditioning clutch does not engage. The clutch operates by reading freon levels; if the freon level falls too low, the pressure does not activate, and the clutch does not engage. You may also check the freon level on the high-pressure side of select cars using the sight glass. 

Can you fix the Car ac not blowing cold air?

You can attempt the following techniques to fix a car air conditioner that isn’t blowing cold air: Check refrigerant levels and replenish if necessary; assess for leaks and fix as needed; If the problem persists, clean or replace the cabin air filter, check the AC compressor, and see a competent technician.


In conclusion, a car’s air conditioner not blowing cold air might be caused by various reasons, including low refrigerant levels, compressor difficulties, clogged filters, radiator troubles, or faulty cooling fans. 

To implement the proper repair, the precise reason must be identified. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning filters and ensuring adequate refrigerant levels, may help keep cool air flowing for longer periods of time. 

Recharging the air conditioner may not always address the problem since underlying difficulties may continue. When the air conditioner blows warm air, it is best to see a professional technician for a full evaluation and correct repairs. And enjoy the luxury of a consistently cool automobile AC by resolving these concerns as soon as possible.

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