Car Air Conditioner Compressor Repair Cost

AC Compressor Replacement Cost: How Much Does it Cost to Replace?

Keeping the car cool during the hot summer months is a key concern for every driver, but when your car’s air conditioner fails, it may leave you feeling sweaty and annoyed. The compressor, which circulates refrigerant and cools the cabin air, is one of the most important parts of a car’s AC system.  

However, if this important component fails, it might cause discomfort, and the cost to fix the car air conditioner compressor is very high. This article delves into the elements that affect the price of replacing a car’s air conditioner compressor, giving you the information you need to make wise choices and maintain your compressor without going over budget.

How much does it cost to repair a car air conditioner compressor?

cost of car ac repair

The cost of repairing a car AC compressor can vary depending on the make and model of the car, the labor rates at the repair shop, and the cost of the components. However, a car AC compressor replacement costs typically between $750 and $1,500.

The labor cost for a car AC compressor replacement typically ranges from $150 to $250. The remaining cost goes toward the cost of the component, which can vary depending on the make and model of the car.

Here is a breakdown of the cost of a car AC compressor replacement:

  • Labor: $150 – $250
  • Component: $600 – $1,250
  • Total: $750 – $1,500

Seeking professional advice for car AC compressor repair costs is always recommended because a professional mechanic can guide you more if you have no idea about your car maintenance.

What factors affect the cost of car air conditioner compressor repair?

The average price for car AC compressor repair depends upon many factors. Factors influencing car AC compressor repair costs are discussed below. This will help you budgeting for car AC compressor repair. 

Car make and model

The make and model cost of the components affects how much it will cost to fix an air conditioner compressor in a car. Other elements that may impact the cost of replacing a car’s AC compressor include:

  • The car’s type: Luxury automobiles often have greater replacement costs.
  • The automaker: Compressors for certain vehicles are more costly or more difficult to locate.
  • Age of the car: Older automobiles could need more specialist or hard-to-find components, which would raise the replacement cost.

Labor costs

Labor costs also impact the entire cost of compressor repair. The price of labor ranges from $150 to $250. Additionally, labor costs differ from one area to another. Some areas of the country may have higher labor or component costs.

Part costs

Repairing a car’s air conditioner compressor might be expensive, depending on the cost of the parts. The compressor itself is fairly expensive. In addition to it, other parts might need to be replaced. This can raise some costs for the bills. 

What are the options for car air conditioner compressor repair?

Repairing the compressor, replacing the compressor, or utilizing a remanufactured compressor are the three primary alternatives for a car’s air conditioner compressor repair. 

Here are some specifics on each choice:

Repairing the compressor

Fixing the compressor’s malfunctioning components, such as the clutch, coil, or bearings, constitutes compressor repair. This may be less expensive than replacing the compressor entirely, but it might not be feasible if the compressor is too worn-out or broken. 

Replacing the compressor

Installing a new compressor after removing the old one constitutes replacing the compressor. This may be required if the compressor is beyond saving or if you want to guarantee peak performance and dependability. It can be more expensive than simply fixing the compressor.

Remanufactured compressors

Compressors that have been remanufactured from old components and evaluated for quality and performance. Although they frequently cost less than brand-new compressors, they could not be as durable or have the same warranty. If you have a limited budget or want to sell your car soon, remanufactured compressors can be a smart choice.

How to get the best price on AC compressor replacement?

how much is car ac repair cost

The AC compressor repair cost for vehicles may vary from place to place. But there are a few techniques to negotiate for the lowest cost of an AC compressor replacement, and this includes:

Step.1- Get quotes from multiple shops

Compare prices from various stores. You may compare the costs and services of several mechanics to choose the one that best meets your demands and budget. You may also look for reviews and ratings online to choose an established and reliable store.

Step.2- Ask about discounts for cash or trade-in parts

Inquire about discounts for cash or part exchanges. Some stores could give you a discount if you pay in cash or trade-in an old compressor or other items. This can lower your material waste and help you save some money.

Step.3- Do the work yourself (if you’re handy)

Self-perform the task (if you are handy). You may save money on labor charges and avoid markups on components if you have the knowledge, resources, and tools necessary to repair the AC compressor on your own. However, because it might be hazardous and challenging, this alternative is not advised for newbies or unskilled DIYers. Additionally, you might need to purchase or rent some pricey instruments, such as a vacuum pump, an oxygen-acetylene torch, and a refrigerant recovery machine. You might also need to abide by safety and environmental standards when handling refrigerant.

Is it worth fixing a bad AC compressor?

The value of repairing a defective AC compressor relies on several factors, including:

The cost of repairs versus the cost of buying a new car

Spending money on the compressor might not be worthwhile if your car is old and has other issues besides the AC compressor. It could be preferable for you to trade in your old car or save enough for a new one. However, if your car is still quite new and in good shape, repairing the compressor could be a smart investment to keep it comfortable and valuable.

The age and condition of your AC system

You can change the compressor for free or at a discounted price from the manufacturer or dealer if your AC system is still covered by warranty. As a result, repairing the compressor could be worthwhile if it improves the effectiveness and performance of your air conditioning system. However, consider replacing the complete system rather than simply the compressor if your AC system is out of warranty, outdated, or harmed. This may save more issues from occurring and eventually cost you less money.

The type and availability of parts

Different kinds of compressors, such as reciprocating, scroll, screw, or rotary compressors, are used in different AC systems. The kind of compressor you use will determine its cost, parts availability, and AC system compatibility. In general, reciprocating and screw compressors are less costly and easier to locate than scroll and rotary compressors. You might also need to purchase or rent specialized tools and equipment to replace the compressor, including a refrigerant recovery device, an oxygen-acetylene torch, and a vacuum pump.

How can I extend the life of my AC compressor?

By following a few easy recommendations, you can increase the lifespan of your AC compressor.

Schedule two tune-ups per year.

Every spring and autumn, having your AC system inspected, cleaned, and tuned up by a qualified expert may assist in avoiding severe issues, increasing efficiency, and extending the life of your compressor.

Change the filter regularly

Change the filter for car ac repair

Your AC system’s filter keeps dust, grime, and other debris out of the system and enhances indoor air quality. The filter, however, might limit airflow and cause your compressor to work harder than necessary if it becomes clogged or unclean. This may decrease the compressor’s effectiveness and longevity and raise energy costs. Depending on the kind of filter you use, you should inspect it every month and replace it if necessary.

Clean the coils

Your air conditioner’s coils are in charge of transporting heat from the refrigerant to the air. The coils may, however, get rusted or unclean with time, which may lessen their capacity to transmit heat and force your compressor to work harder. Additionally, this can cause the coils to overheat or freeze, which might harm your compressor. At least once a year, ideally just before the cooling season begins, you should clean your coils.

Check the refrigerant levels

Your air conditioner’s refrigerant, which moves throughout it and absorbs and releases heat, makes it work. The performance and longevity of your compressor might be impacted by refrigerant levels that are too low or excessive. A system leak that results in low refrigerant levels might damage your compressor or cause it to overheat. High refrigerant levels can put your compressor under too much strain and stress, which might result in failure or damage. At least once every year, you should hire a specialist to check your refrigerant level, repair any leaks, or alter any charges as necessary.

Inspect electrical connections

Your AC system’s electrical connections are in charge of providing electricity to your compressor and other parts. However, electrical issues like short circuits, power surges, or voltage swings can be brought on by rusted, loose, or broken connections. These issues constitute a fire risk in addition to affecting the functionality and longevity of your compressor.

Lubricate moving parts

The airflow in your system is produced and circulated by the moving elements of your air conditioning system. Moving parts, however, can cause friction and wear and tear on your compressor and other components if they are not properly maintained. As a result, your compressor may operate less effectively, last shorter, and produce more noise and vibration.

How Long Does it Take to Replace Car AC Compressor?

The typical time required to repair a car AC compressor is between 3 and 6 hours. But the exact model of your automobile, the kind of air conditioning system, and the level of damage caused to other parts will decide the overall time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the signs that an AC compressor is going bad?

There are many signs of a bad AC Compressor. This includes strange noises coming from the compressor, extremely hot cabin conditions, fluid leak from the compressor, and starting of the compressor slowly or with a buzzing sound.

What are the different types of AC compressors?

There are five types of AC compressors, they are. Reciprocating compressor, scroll compressor, screw compressor, rotary compressor, centrifugal compressor.

How long does an AC compressor last?

The average lifespan of an AC compressor is between 10 and 15 years. Still, it can vary depending on several factors, such as The quality of the compressor, the installation of the compressor and the maintenance of the compressor.

What are the risks of driving with a bad AC compressor?

The risks of operating a vehicle with a faulty AC compressor are: Straining the engine, Damaging other components,  and Losing comfort and safety.

How can I extend the life of my AC compressor?

You should plan yearly tune-ups, change the filter often, clean the coils, check the refrigerant levels, check the electrical connections, and lubricate the moving components to increase the lifespan of your AC compressor.


In conclusion, the price of maintaining or replacing a car’s air conditioner compressor varies depending on the type and model of the vehicle, the cost of labor, and the cost of the parts.

It is essential to get numerous quotations, ask about cash discounts or trade-in alternatives, and, if you have the requisite abilities, think about doing it yourself to get the best price on AC compressor replacement. When deciding whether to repair a damaged AC compressor, you must weigh the expense of repairs against the cost of a new car and the age and condition of your car. 

Your AC compressor may last longer with proper upkeep and prompt repairs, including cleaning, filter replacement, and refrigerant level management. 

Note: It is always recommended to take your car to a mechanic if you do not have any automobile repair expertise. Understanding labor and parts expenses for car AC compressor repair is also important because your overall bill will be based on all the expenses. 

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